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Get Efficient Safes Installation And Maintenance Services

Safes are a requirement for many people for the storage and safekeeping of valuable documents and even possessions of purely sentimental value. Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC provides safe installation and maintenance for the New York City area. We can guide you through selecting, installing, and maintaining your Safe.

Safes Selection

Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC provides you with a wide range of safe options. Home, office, and even automobile safes are available. The specialists with Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC can set you up with safes that will fit your specific needs. We can also evaluate future needs to help you find a safe that you can use for many years. Some of the most common features included in our safes are fireproofing, pry-resistant, impact-resistant, and dust and waterproofing. These features will help your safe last for many years and in the most adverse of situations. You will also need to consider the type of safe you need. Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC provides selections that include wall safes, floor safes, cashboxes, and even custom safes.

Security Lock Options

The locking mechanism of your safe is of great importance. High-tech solutions are quickly replacing traditional combinations and key locks. For example, lock timers allow access only during specific time frames, a popular option for businesses that only need to have access during business hours. In addition, biometric locks tap into the unique physical characteristics of authorized people, such as their fingerprints. Digital safes are also available for easy-to-program access codes that you can change as the need may arise.

Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC Service

We provide the highest level of service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC technicians are experienced and specifically trained to support our customer’s various needs. We expect the best from our service professionals so that you get the best service available. We know that installations can be intrusive and inconvenient, so we ensure installation areas are prepped, cleaned, and maintained to reduce the impact on your home or office.

Let Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC show you why we are one of the most trusted names in safes. From the initial purchase to follow-up maintenance and service, we faithfully serve the New York City area. Experience the difference Charles Locksmith & Hardware NYC makes in your safe and its security needs.