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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost For Its Various Services?

In the US, more than 16000 people face car or home lockouts daily for various reasons. It can be due to a lock issue or losing your key. You may lock yourself anytime and anywhere inside the house, office, or car. And it becomes annoying when you do not have an extra pair of keys. In this situation, whose help should you take? You must not have to bother about the same. In this case, you can contact a locksmith. You might be thinking, how can a locksmith help me? How much does a locksmith cost?

There are many more reasons why you require a locksmith. They provide various services to resolve your problems related to doors, locks, and keys. We have provided complete information about the prices a locksmith may ask for its various services. But you have to remember that many factors differ in the service price. The price may vary with the kind of service, time, hours spent on that particular service, etc. Let’s look at the complete details of the locksmith service pricing. 

What Is A Locksmith?

As the name says, a locksmith is an expert trained in dealing with issues related to locks and keys. They provide an expert solution for your lock and key problem without damaging your door. A locksmith repairs a damaged lock, installs a new one, and adjusts the lock from the building to the car’s doors. As per the customer’s need, they replace the lock system, make a duplicate key for your door, and break the lock when you lose its key. They also provide various services such as lockout services, emergency locksmiths, automobile locksmiths, and many more.  

Various Factors To Consider For A Locksmith Service Cost

Before you know about the price of the locksmith service, let’s see the various factors because of which you may see differences in the price.  

Type Of Locksmith Service

Whether you want to install a new key or repair it, a locksmith provides a wide array of services. They also offer lockout services when you lock yourself in a room. A locksmith may ask you different prices for a different set of services. Some locksmiths can also help you with many other services, such as lock changes, safe installation, intercom installation, CCTV installation, and many more. 

Type Of Issue You Have 

Your key may get broken, or you may lose it. In this case, you require a locksmith to get a new pair of keys. Sometimes, it may also happen that your lock needs a replacement. In this case, a locksmith can install a new lock and provide a new key. They can also help you with various other issues, such as issues with the car lock, door, security systems, safe, etc. The price may also differ with the type of issue you are facing and its complexity. 

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Time Of Locksmith Service

Like other people, a locksmith also works during usual business hours. But some people require help even before and after normal business time. You may have to pay more if you ask for a locksmith service during an unusual time. But, many companies provide services 24*7 hours, whether day or night. You can call the service provider and ask for their services anytime and anywhere. 

Emergencies Services

Some people may require emergency services such as immediate lockout services. You may also need quick assistance when you lose your car key when you are out of your home or office with your car. You may have to pay more to a locksmith for their emergency services. But many companies provide emergency services at a reasonable price.   

How Much Is A Locksmith Cost For Various Services?

Look at the approximate price range a locksmith may charge for their service. 

Cost To Unlock A Car

  • The price of a locksmith service to physically unlock the car door- Between $75 and $150. 
  • The cost to open the car door at night in the middle of the road: Between $150 and $300. 
  • The price to rekey the car (if you do not have the spare key): May go from $50 to $300 (depending on the type of lock).

Cost For A Home-Related Services

  • The cost to rekey your lock: Hourly rate may cost $75 and extend up to $150, including the additional trip charges. 
  • The price to change your lock: It may cost you between $50 and $300, depending on the type of lock. A lock may cost between $40 to $100 (per-lock basis), and the service costs between $15 to $40 per lock. 
  • The cost of upgrading your lock: If you are looking to modernize your lock system from a regular lock and key to an electronic lock system, it may cost you more. You may require up to $2000, but it must be worthwhile. There would be no fear of losing your house or office key. 

Emergency Service Cost

A regular locksmith’s service usually costs $50 to $100, but during emergency hours, it may increase from $150 to $250. Also, if the locksmith is on holiday, you may have to pay additional charges. The cost also depends on the type of service, complexity, and duration of the service. 

Key Duplication

You may be required to duplicate your car or door key if you have received only a single key. The duplication of the regular key to your house usually costs $1 to $10. But if you have a highly advanced security system, the duplication may cost you $75 to $400. 

Cost Of Other Locksmith Services

A locksmith provides a variety of services to its customers. Some other services include making a new regular key ($5 to $10), rekeying your ignition ($50 to $150), a new keypad (up to $400), deadbolt installation ($40 to $70), etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Rekeying a lock is always cheaper than completely replacing a lock. It is because key pins are usually cheaper than a completely new lock.

You can hire anyone according to your convenience and requirement. An expert service provider is usually more expensive than a local locksmith. But, a professional locksmith has excellent experience working with all types of locks and keys, whereas a local locksmith may not.

Unlocking a door may cost you between $65 to $200. The price depends on the type of door lock and its complexity. However, an expert can quickly unlock your door if it gets locked or you lose your key.

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