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With a giant collection of mortise locks, skeleton and wardrobe keys, padlocks, antique and reproduction door hardware as well as a team of full-service locksmiths we are your one source for all your security and hardware needs!

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Buy some of our keys in bulk and receive extra low prices! Check out the BULK KEYS COLLECTION for more info by clicking the image above!

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Antique, unique and reproduction padlocks.

One of the most diverse collections of skeleton keys that you're going to find. Looking for knob roses, rim & mortise locks, door strikes and hinges? It's all right here! With professionally trained technicians and an extensive inventory we are your answer to all of your security needs! An eclectic collection of items containing a little bit of this, that and the other thing. We can bring your old hardware back to life and looking like new! An on-line encyclopedia with facts and figures for you to explore.

Charles Locksmith Inc.
185 East 80th. Street
New York, NY  10021

Call: (917) 992-1750

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